MMOGAMES and Murf!

Blaugust day 19

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Anook | Blaugust

On Day 16 of Blaugust, Murf wrote up a request, asking for help from us bloggers.

I want to know what you think your top three to five posts are. I want them so I can highlight them on MMOGames.

He writes for MMOGames, a blogging bonanza column each Friday,featuring posts from the blogosphere.


I originally was not going to write anything, but he wants help. When Murf wants help, we help!

I have gone through my blog a few times, finding what I expected, nothing. I have nothing that I feel is worth highlighting. My posts are always so spread around on different things, covering everything from a game to personal things. I don’t feel that would fit into the MMOGames posts.

The kind of way I write doesn’t really fit either. I am not a good writer, it’s never been my aim either. I write to relax and have fun, sharing my thoughts and adventures, writing out things just as I think of them. I don’t write deep stuff, nor that interesting stuff that will end up in great discussions. I am not that kind of writer or person.

I don’t mean to make this sound negative, I don’t think it is. I am quite happy with my blog right now. I have moved around a lot and I have lost over half of my blog, since I didn’t manage to import it  here and there. But that’s fine, it just means I don’t have a lot of backlog to go through to find something for Murf.

But there is so many good blogs out there, I am sure he will get so much good stuff that he don’t know what to do with it all.

I can share three posts.

I am a filthy casual

Freedom of speech, respect and empathy

Screenshot Bonanza, Blasted Lands

But yes, that is my contribution, I want to help in a way I can, so perhaps there was someone who didn’t read Murf post, but goes and see it now, and can give him suggestions!


3 thoughts on “MMOGAMES and Murf!

  1. “… to know what YOU think your top three to five posts are …”

    If you are happy with your style, then surely there are some posts that you like better than others. Therefore, those are the posts I want, not what you think would fit or appeal to a different audience.

    I want to highlight you and what you feel is worth highlighting yourself. If I were doing the work, then I’d just skim through everyone’s archives and find something to throw up there. Hardly the same and about 1000x more work for me!


    1. Well, I am happy about my blogging now, I wasn’t. But I shall have another look, and edit them in for you. So come back in an hour and I have put up two more links. Didn’t mean to annoy you 😛

      Liked by 1 person

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