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As most of you know, Wildstar will be going free to play this fall. It has had a lot of bumps in the road, going a bit to hardcore, mind numbingly long grind to level 50, lack of casual content at max level, 40 man raids. There was a lot of things that hindred the game to become as popular that many thought it would be. I’m sure there were many other reasons people didn’t fall in love with it, but I won’t go any further into that.


I have been on and off this game several times, I think I have visited 3 times since it launched. And last time I thought, no thank you, never again.

But today I decided I wanted to give it another chance, another look before it goes F2P. It does have a lot of qualities that I like, even though I am not into the whole Sci-Fi scene in my games. I love the avatars, double jumps, the HOUSING, the different paths you can choose to have as a side activity besides professions.

So yes I subscribed today and decided to go with an Aurin Esper. I really like the idea of the esper, I always have. It’s the closest thing to a healer from other games that I have played, and the one that feels less sci-fi, more fantasy.

Aurin Esper

I like this game because of the vibrant colors, how awesome screenshots can become. And you know me, I love my pictures. So I thought that this time, I shall stay unguilded, explore everything I fancy, and make a huge album of screenshots. Just cause I think that is fun. I will also focus a lot on my house.

I am not a lore kind of person in MMO’s, which is strange since I love RPG’s, but there is other things that I can do other then follow the story. I did however chose the scientist path, which I think is the one related to finding those cubes, and lore. So it was dumb path for me to chose, I might just have to redo my Esper and chose another path, I quite fancy the explorer. She is only level 5 or so anyways, so that’s no big deal.

Will this be the last time I test this game out, will I manage to stick it out this time? Oh who knows, as long as I have a little bit of fun and enjoy some of the journey, that matters not.

Giant tree

As I said, Wildstar becomes totally free, you don’t have to buy to play, you can simply download it. There will be an in-game shop with different things, like cosmetic items. The game has to survive somehow so a in-game shop is only natural and I can support that, as long as it is not pay-to-win. Which so far I have not gotten the impression that it will become pay-to-win.

There will be a possibility to have a subscription though, giving you some benefits.

What types of accounts will be offered when the game goes Free-to-Play?

There will two main types of account when the game transitions to Free-to-Play:

Free accounts get full access to the game. There is no recurring payment of any kind required.

Signature accounts get everything provided by the Free service, along with the unique bonuses and benefits detailed below. Signature accounts require a payment plan offered in 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month increments including C.R.E.D.D., Game Time Card, or recurring payments.

What’s the difference between a Free account and a Signature account?

There are several perks available as part of the Signature program.

Feature Free Signature
Auction House Three (3) active buy bids

Three (3) active sell lots

Thirty (30) active buy bids

Thirty (30) active sell lots

Circles Can join one (1) Circle

Cannot invite into or create Circles

Can join five (5) Circles

Can invite into and create Circles

Circuit Board Crafting No bonuses -15% Overcharge Risk
Commodities Exchange Three (3) active buy orders

Three (3) active sell orders

Thirty (30) active buy orders

Thirty (30) active sell orders

Coordinate Crafting No bonuses +10% Target Radius Size
CS Tickets No priority Priority Access
Currency Earn currency at normal rates Earn 25% extra currency
Gathering Normal rate 10% bonus material proc chance
Guilds Cannot invite into or create a Guild Can invite into and create a Guild
Holiday Events Earn currency at normal rates Earn 25% extra currency
PTR Access No Yes
Queue Bypass No priority Priority access
Reputation Earn reputation at normal rates Earn 50% extra rep from combat

Earn 25% extra rep from quests

“Wake Here” Cooldown 1 hour Cooldown time reduced by 50%
Rest XP 1% every 12 hours, capped at 150% of the current level Earning rate doubled, capped at 200% of the current level
XP Earn XP at normal rates Earn 25% extra XP
Warparties Cannot invite into or create a Warparty Can invite into and create a Warparty
Loyalty Points N/A Loyalty Points earned each month
So as you can see there will be some nice benefits to have subscription running, but not absolutely necessary. For a casual player like me, all those bonuses doesn’t matter at all. I can still have a good time, wandering about the world, being a completionist, explorer, housekeeper or whatever I fancy.
But there will be an option to get some perks as a F2Player, the loyalty program:

Are there any perks a Free player can get without becoming Signature?

A number of perks can be acquired through the Loyalty Program, several of which stack with (or are replaced by) the perks from Signature. These perks include:

Feature Loyalty Perks Stacks with Signature?
Auction House Ten (10) active buy bids

Ten (10) active sell lots

Replaced by Signature
Circles Can join five (5) Circles

Can invite into and create Circles

Circuit Board Crafting -10% Overcharge Risk Yes
Commodities Exchange Ten (10) active buy orders

Ten (10) active sell orders

Replaced by Signature
Coordinate Crafting +10% target radius size Yes
CS Tickets No priority N/A
Currency Earn currency at normal rates N/A
Gathering 10% bonus material proc chance Yes
Guilds Can invite into and create a Guild N/A
Holiday Events Earn currency at normal rates N/A
PTR Access Yes N/A
Queue Bypass No priority N/A
Reputation Earn 50% extra rep from combat Yes
“Wake Here” Cooldown Cooldown time reduced by 50% Yes
Rest XP Earning rate doubled, +50% to the cap Yes
XP Earn XP at normal rates N/A
Warparties Can invite into and create a Warparty N/A

What are Loyalty Points?

All WildStar players will be part of our new Loyalty Program where they will accumulate Loyalty Points and achieve Loyalty Ranks to earn special items and perks. In fact, if you’ve ever subscribed you have already earned some! We’ll reveal more details on the Loyalty Program in the near future.

Quotes from https://www.wildstar-online.com/en/freetoplay/ click for more info about free to play.

So yes, I am excited for this to become free. I am sure I will play it a lot more when that time comes. Then I don’t have to feel I need to play it, just because I subscribe for it. I hope it will bring a lot of players back, and add many new players because personally I love the battlegrounds in this game, with the kind of combat system it has. Unfortunately that side of the game is pretty much dead at the moment, so I really hope it can make a return when the game goes free. I am crossing my fingers anyways.

Missy signing out!

Aurin Wave


11 thoughts on “Wildstar, bits and bobs

  1. It’s awesome that you’re playing Wildstar again. It’s where we first met, IIRC. Anyway, Housing is absolutely amazing in Wildstar, and I’m sure your screenshots are going to be awesome. I can’t wait.

    BTW: Don’t think I’ll be back, Free looks too gimped, and I have my hands full with WoW and Hearthstone.


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