I am a filthy casual

Day 17 of Blaugust.

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This post is a shortened version of something I wrote on another blog at the start of blaugust. I didn’t realize where it was headed until I was done,but it’s written, therefore it is!

I play mmorpg’s alone. That is a bit weird though isn’t it? They are originally made to be played with others. Am I the only one around here that does this?

I have been in many guilds, some good, some fantastic and some terrible. I find guilds I like, but I don’t often stay long. Either because I don’t fit in, I don’t agree with how things are run, or they didn’t keep their promises as to things they offered. Sometimes they are even perfect for me, but I end up leaving.

I am not entirely sure why, much of it is because of the pressure I feel of being in a guild. The pressure to keep up with everyone, having to be social and engaging to be apart of the community. What’s the point of being in a guild if you are not making any effort into making friends. I don’t feel like putting much effort into a guild right now in WoW, so I run solo

It’s been nice doing so for a while now,  I play when I want, I do what I want and no one expects anything from me. I can fly around doing absolutely nothing, take pictures, just run into caves and explore.


While in guilds I don’t feel I get the time to do this for some reason, I feel I need to be more productive. It’s strange.

So why don’t I play more single player games then? I should shouldn’t I? I just like the option to be social if I want to, I love dungeons, even though I don’t talk much to the people in the dungeons, I love doing them. I like it, I like killing stuff, I like getting loot, I like that my character gets better. I like to see other people and their fun transmogs, pets and mounts. But that doesn’t mean I want to hang out with them.

I didn’t use to be like this, I loved my old guild. I wanted to be there, I wanted to group up, be social and talk. Is it me, or is it the game that allows me to be like this? Is it because I have gotten older, or perhaps it’s because of all those reasons?

I don’t know, all I know is that I am quite happy being a “filthy casual” right now. But that does not mean I or any other “filthy casual” is the reason the game has become what it is now. I certainly never complained on any forums, screaming out for things to change. I have never written a post on any forums other then looking for guilds.

If the game changed a bit, became more group orientated I would change too, I adapt to the game. If I need a guild to do things I really want to do, I am sure I would join one again. If I needed groups to get my quests done, I would get a group. So maybe I answered my own question, the game allows me to be a solo player,therefore I am.



17 thoughts on “I am a filthy casual

  1. This describes me exactly. I only play solo. I seldom if ever group. When I played ArcheAge it was a game you pretty much HAD to be in a guild, but the land ownership and ability to grow crops and farm kept me interested until it just became like a 2nd job. Now I’m playing SWTOR and working on completing class storylines before the 12x exp runs out. Having a blast doing those solo.

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  2. You just summed up my feelings about solo play – free from anyone else’s expectations! It’s addictive at times to just go off the reservation and not worry about keeping pace with anyone else.

    I wouldn’t consider myself a casual but I do appreciate the time where I’m just by myself focusing on a certain goal. I have a tendency to tackle certain challenges on my own without asking for any help and it’s a source of pride for me: to be a self-sufficient player rather than one that’s always pestering his guild members for help.

    I want to post more about this but it’s going to be the subject of one my upcoming Blaugust posts…so look forward to that!

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    1. It’s nice to be able to do some challenges alone, feel some accomplishment. I love it when I tackle something difficult and manage to have done it myself without help. Looking forward to reading your post 😀

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  3. I’m even more of a loner than you. I don’t join guilds, I create personal guilds. I do solo stuff all the time, and the only group stuff I do in Dungeons and LFR. MMOs just means tons of people online the same time as you in a persistent world. It doesn’t mean you actually have to do anything with them.

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  4. Yep, definitely not the only one. ^^

    I am like that as well, with the exception of guilds. In MMOs that I play more often, I tend to look for guilds to join, so that I have the option of chatting with others and the perks or guild banks (finding a nice item, giving away nice items to others and so on). But I only look for “social guilds” that accept the fact that I do not play this one MMO exclusively or every single day. Because while I like reading guild chat, I do not go out and play with others that often. I prefer to roam the worlds on my own and go afk whenever I want to (that’s also why I don’t do many dungeons… 😉 ).

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    1. Basically how my last few guilds have been as well. It’s nice to have that option to have someone to hang out with, and I am glad there are guilds out there that can focus more on just being social.

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  5. Just adding to the voices that there are many of us who primarily play solo. I know I have read posts saying it is ruining the MMOs, but if we are having fun and contributing to the player base, it is a good thing for the games as a whole. Ysharros developed this more talking about the extrovert/introvert grouper/soloer mentalities.

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    1. We are the bigger playerbase as well, well casual players anyways. It’s the more hardcore players that are screaming out. And those who clear the hardest content are usually in the lower numbers.


  6. Adding my voice to the chorus of people saying you’re not the only one. Back in the day I ran my own guild, was really active on social media and used to LOVE doing pug raiding. These days, I just stick to myself and don’t really say much. Still, I’d rather an MMO over a single player any day.

    Great post!


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