Screenshot Bonanza, Blasted Lands.

Day 16 of Blaugust.

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Today I will throw in a lot of screenshots, cause that’s what I love to do.

I took a trip to Blasted Lands looking for a rare that could drop a robe I wanted, but it was not there so while waiting, I ended up flying around. I hope this page wont have tons of issues to load / is slow to load since I have such big pictures, but you know me, I want the images big!

Journal entry nr 1 Blasted Lands, Stranglethorn Vale & Blackrock Foundry.

I found this fantastic looking tree in this spooky forest covered in a fog. While looking at it I noticed that the lightning started to flash all around me, so I stood there for a while hoping I could get a picture with that lighting on. Seems I got it!

Tree in blasted

Blasted Lands

Behind the forest, I saw this tiny village, three houses and a windmill, it looked fantastic. I assume it came when the worgens arrived to our lands, because as I entered I heard the same music as in the Worgen villages. Fantastic atmosphere.

Houses in Blasted LandsObviously I had to enter, there was no one there, so I decided to make it my own. But there was this one creepy painting there with a man. It felt like the eyes were watching me, following me. It’s the favorite shot I took today, absolutely love it.

Walking in front of fireplace, draenei

After I was finished with this house I decided to go look for that rare again, with no luck, I must have been unlucky with my timing. I ended up looking at my mount thinking, hmm can I take a cool shot of this? I tried anyways.


Before I left the place, I entered this little base with only orcs. I went to the top of the one house and a draenei appeared. He started fighting with the orc, and I said “Hey guys, mind if I take a photo?” They didn’t answer, so I just took the risk and got my camera out and took a sneak photo of the action. The orc ended up dying and the draenei fled away, so I guess they didn’t mind.

Alliance vs HordeBut the draenei left without killing everyone so another bad ass orc attacked me with his 2 swords. Not that he was a match for me, I’m obviously awesome. I even took a photo of him before finishing him off, I am sure that ticked him off.

Orc with swords

I decided after this I was done with Blasted Lands, I wasn’t interested in fighting orcs. So I went to Stranglethorn Vale instead, in the hopes of not meeting any ugly orcs. Instead I met pirates, tauren pirates to be exact, they didn’t like me either. Seems no one likes a little draenei priest. But fear not, the cow died, didn’t matter how big his axe was.

Pirate Tauren

Finally getting off the pirate-ship, I got to the beach thinking I could relax a bit, but nooooo. Damn fire mage wanted to blast my face of with a fireball. I couldn’t have any of that so I hit him in the face, and he collapsed. So much for that fireball huh.

Mage casting fireball

In the end I found a peaceful island, with no horrible humanoids trying to kill me. All I heard was the sound of the ocean, monkeys and gorillas, at last some peace and quiet. No one trying to kill me. But they didn’t have manners though. Scratching their asses like this… Or maybe, just maybe his back is just hurting?

monkey scratching ass

After all that trouble, I decided I needed to gear up. If everything in the world except gorillas is going after me, I need to get even stronger. So I ventured into a huge dungeon with many monsters, but also many allies, but as soon as I entered we were attacked. First there was this person, I think he was an orc, it’s hard to tell. His armor was fierce, almost futuristic like. he was scary indeed, but he wasn’t as strong as he looked like.


Then after killing him, some sort of cyclops with a big hammer came after us, let’s just say he was not happy we came to visit. But you know, we chased him away.

Trash trash

Even though we wasn’t greeted with a warm welcome, we entered further meeting some strange creature. I am not sure who or what it was, but it was scary. He was mad, he ran around with a grim look on his face, knocking us over, spitting green acid on us. But we stole his ores, and some of his items before we got out of there.


So I had quite the adventure today, getting chased around the world. But I managed to survive somehow. with some fantastic shots as well. I will put them in my journal for safe keeping. One day they might be of use.


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