Lenovo is shit!

Day 15 is here!

So, short post today.

My laptop is now busted. Well the SSHD (hard drive) is. After installing Windows 10, my computer started with having this little ticking. I was curious to what it was but the laptop has been making weird sounds from day one.

Today when trying to start up the computer it had real issues, it wouldn’t start, it said, no hard drive found.

That was awesome I thought, the laptop is only 6 months old.  Well, it started up in the end, but I was quick to turn it off cause I knew it was the SSHD, I just wanted to check if I could start it at all to get my pictures transferred onto a USB. I haven’t done so yet, but will do so later today.

I wont put the blame on Windows 10. It seems that Lenovo (company that made my laptop) has shipped the Y50’s with bad SSHD drivers, maybe, that’s what we think.  But who knows really.

What we read was:

Upgrading the OS require a lot of disc access, a disc nearing failure may be pushed over the edge by all the disc activity. Upgrading also uses a lot disc space so areas of the disc that haven’t been used in a while or that have never been used, may have been accessed and were bad.

I don’t think you should be scared to update your computer to Windows 10, you should be scared to buy a Lenovo Computer 😛

Eirik, have not had any issues with installing Windows 10, all he had to do was re-install grapic card drivers.

Luckily I have a stationary computer, but I realize now how fond I am how having a laptop hehe, I have not sat in front of this computer since I got my laptop and I already miss it.

Hopefully we can order another hard drive and get that damn windows key, which atm is no where to be found. I think we need to call the company we ordered the laptop from to get a damn key as it seems we didn’t get it in the box with the laptop, code is no where to be found on or inside the laptop either.

Well, that’s my story for today. Safe to say I am annoyed with this company! Reading up on different forums, there is a shit ton of unhappy costumers that have bought computers from Lenovo.

Update, I have now been able to save all my pictures which are the most important stuff on the computer. Even though I have all my recordings here, those are not that important to me.

I took out the hard drive, to see if we could actually replace it ourself, which we can, put it back into place, and for some reason the computer have not been ticking for a good 30 minutes. Perhaps it had a bad connection? Time will tell. In the end, there is a lot of issues with this hard drive as tons of people have reported it on lenovo forums. Nope still broken.

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11 thoughts on “Lenovo is shit!

  1. Computer parts always has a chance of failing early, but some brands don’t do as well as others… and I’m not a big fan of Lenovo. Hope you get it all worked out. Windows 10 is doing a pretty good job of staying out of the way, except for the Xbox app that wants to take over for my Steam overlay.

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  2. ThinkPads used to be good when IBM made them. But ever since Lenovo bought the brand and started cobbling together these pieces-of-garbage, there has been trouble. My T430i was shipped with a faulty LCD so that had to be replaced within 6 months.
    Also — talk about built-in obsolescence, i.e. the purposefully calculated short lifespan of a computer/peripheral. My ThinkPad is only 1.5 yrs old and the battery is f*cked already, even though I’ve used best practises (e.g. discharge battery fully then charge, and never run AC power while the battery is installed & fully charged). So that’s only about 550 discharge/charge cycles over 1.5 yrs.
    Anyway, good post.

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  3. When IBM had the thinkpad series the were dubbed stinkpads, how can someone take over and make things worse? Lenova should be consigned to the graveyard of wannabees….

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  4. Lenovo should be ashamed. The machines really are worse than ever before. My T430i machine needs to have the LCD replaced — again. So that’s 2 times in less than one year. And I treat this laptop with kid gloves. Total f*cking garbage. I’d throw it off the balcony if I could.
    In the meantime I just tell everyone never to buy Lenovo machines because they’re junk. Oh yeah: Windows 7 too.

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  5. You get broken laptops. You get already used laptops and they tell you its new. Your laptop first problem will occur in 2nd week of usage. If you want to throw money buy Lenovo. Lenovo is product of chinese, chinese never made even toy that works.

    pPoblems with all Lenovo laptops, screen is flickering all the time, your connection wifi or lan will drop all the way, your speakers will broke in first month of usage, your sound card will never let you raise volume above 20%, in that case you will get Blue Screen Of Death.

    Lenovo laptops are cheap for reason, because they simply do not work.

    You can not replace or rteturn Lenovo laptop, nor you can get refund.

    You do not have any support.

    You do not have any working driver for any device.


  6. My experience with Lenovo merchandise is completely crappy. To anyone reading this comment, do not spend a nickel on these idiots.


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