Stats, do they matter?

Day 13 of Blaugust

As most of you know, I changed blog address and revamped a bit at the start of Blaugust, the 2nd of August to be exact so I have only been here for 12 days. Today we reached 20 followers on this new blog. That is super! I am not counting people who follow on Google/Twitter/FB, just counting the number of followers on WordPress. I am glad to be back, I have seen a bit of a jump when it comes to comments since I got back WordPress, it seems most of the bloggers are connected to WP in some shape or form, resulting in more interactions, I love it.

Truth be told I had some issues with the commenting on Google/Blogger, even though I installed Disqus, so it’s nice to not have any issues with that anymore.

There has been some blogs talking about stats on blogs, comparing blogs stats before and during Blaugust.

Those are a few of them I have come across. I can’t really compare stats before Blaugust and now properly since I just moved over here, the statistic page on Blogger is way different and I think I had a lot of spam coming in from certain sites.

My traffic has been very varied though, but I don’t think I have had a massive increase traffic, sometimes one post is just going to bring in more views then an other, it all depends on the topic. And since the Legion expansion was just announced and a lot of us wrote about that, it would be only natural to get a bit of traffic on just that, as you can see on the day I peaked.


I see I had a lot of people stop by on the first day, that is only natural with a new blog and that Blaugust launched. But I think it’s finally normalizing now. It seems to be pretty similar to what I had last year when I was on my hosted blog (which no longer exist).

I do have an increase of visitors when it comes to final number of visitors per week, as I didn’t use to blog each day, but the amount of views/visits per post is pretty normal.

Most of my traffic comes from Twitter at the moment, as it always have but I suspect the WP reader will start picking up after a while. I hardly use my Facebook and only have a few friends from there so can’t really say much traffic comes from there. Second on my list is actually Anook, which is a bit of a surprise, people usually don’t click on the posts from there, but as not many people have me in any reader I can understand why.

Surprisingly I have gotten a lot of traffic from The Ancient Gaming Noob, probably because he linked to me and I commented there a few times, I know he has a few followers so maybe he drove some traffic over, Thank you! Or maybe he is just incredibly eager to stop by? 😀

And it also seems over 50% of my readers comes from the US.

At the end of the day, this doesn’t matter. What matters is that I can write, share and enjoy my blog. That people come back, leaves a like or a comment means a lot more then the numbers do. If I had 3 times the views and no comments that would be pretty dull indeed.

If you ever feel a bit down looking at your stats, remember why you started to blog. That even if there is just a few people reading, those few people comes by wanting to read , taking time out of they day to enjoy what you write. With all the busyness (is that even a word) in the world, family, job, friends etc, they stop by. That’s not small at all, in my opinion.

What is Blaugust? Check it at Bel‘s blog

Anook | Blaugust


6 thoughts on “Stats, do they matter?

  1. Don’t forget those of us following through Feedly and other readers too. We probably don’t even show in your stats unless people actually visit the page (I try but manage maybe 30% of the blogs on a given day), but we’re still there. 🙂

    Also welcome back to WP. It’s far superior to Blogger especially if you host your own (which I can’t be bothered to do).

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    1. Oh you are not forgotten 🙂 i just have no idea how to track you. I treasure each and every one of you ♥ Not bothering with hosting my own blog right now either. Free one is doing its job 🙂


      1. I don’t know if you can track us through WP, but in Feedly if you add your own feed, you’ll see how many others are subscribed (at the top, under the title). I discovered that by accident when testing my links. 😀 There is probably a much smarter way to do it…

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      2. Aha! That’s cool. I don’t think many have me in a feeder though, probably 2-3 😛 But I am curious now lol. Not that it matters, but you know, always fun to see. Thank you.


  2. I blog mostly for myself. As a diary and a place to save pics from my virtual journeys . So no, stats dont affect me or my blogging. I only have a few viewers each week but im grateful for each and everyone of them ❤

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