I did it again, Day 12

Yesterday I decided to finish off one of my goals for the WoW list, get my priest up to level 100.

I had a chat with an NPC in my Garrison, figuring out the best route on how to get there fast.

Continuing my quest to 100

He told me I should just continue buying XP potions from the Garrison vendor (pff typical salesmen, buybuybuy), then head out into the dungeons for fast mob grinding. And that is what I did, there wasn’t many dungeons to chose from, there was only one – Skyreach. So let’s just say I am pretty bored of that place now. I reached my first goal! I didn’t think I would make it in time before I had to go to bed, but I did!

DingDingDing, first priest to level 100

I celebrated with coloring my hair and putting on a dress. I look fabulous, don’t you dare say otherwise.

Ding 100 priest

I went to the cathedral and bragged to the holy church and flexed my powers around! No one dared to do anything else then watch in awe of my awesomeness.

female draenei flex emote

I finished off the evening by trying one of the normal dungeons that opens up at level 100, I was lucky enough to enter Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, it’s the one I dislike the most, it’s a bit tricky to heal sometimes, but we did just fine even with new people who had never been there. Yes we were all strangers, but we worked like a badass team and we killed every single living thing in there. Cause I was there! Bwahha.

Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

This was my 6th level 100, even if I have had many breaks I still have had time to level up 6 of them, and now to go on with the 7th – the huntress.

I am eager to do the goals I have set up, they are actually getting in the way of me playing other games. I want to dabble a bit in Guild Wars and FFXIV too, and maybe download Rift again. Buuut, these goals are keeping me busy.

After I grow a bit tired I might get back into GW2, find myself a nice guild and actually experience more things in there. I have never done a dungeon, or group activities except for some pvp /rvr things, so I would love to try that side of the game. I am tempted anyways since HeadBurro Antfarm said:

Hi Missy – if you ever join #GuildWars2 let me know and we can help you get started – it’s a wonderfully cooperative world that is perfect for busy or casual players as well as players wanting to PvP or do hard group challenges 🙂

I suspect that game is 100 times more fun with a guild and friends. As most mmo’s heh, but yeah, since I have always wandered alone, it might be time to try it out with actual people!

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