The entrance part, karazan

Screenshot Tuesday, Day 11!

Today I am going back to what I originally made my blog for, screenshots.

I originally started my blog with mostly screenshots, being scared of writing and sharing thoughts, opinions or whatever I had trapped inside my head. I was scared of what people would think and say if I started to actually write something, the fear of being judged, not being good enough to write, all those thoughts new bloggers have. Now that I have blogged for a while, I see that all those fears were just nonsense. Either people enjoy your blog and keep coming back. Or they just leave, not saying anything. So in the end, there was nothing to be scared of.

Anyways, yes, screenshots, that’s why I am here today.

I do blog a lot about WoW lately but that is what I am playing, so today I will be sharing some shots from that.

I decided to take a trip to Karazhan for this, there was no particular reason as to why I chose this place really. I just like it, and I have had loads of fun in this place when the raid was current. This is outside, by the entrance. The place was very grey and dark, with the lack of color compared to the area I am hanging out in, in WoD. I like this atmosphere, that is also why I kind of like the Worgen starter area, because of the atmosphere.


We move on in to the entrance part, this looks really awesome, even though it’s from way back in TBC I still love it. WoW has upgraded it’s graphics over time but I think this place holds up.

The entrance part, karazan

I had a sweet jog (!?) around the place and to be honest, I never really noticed these cool owl statues that was standing in this hallway. I like them!

Running in Karazan, draenei priest

I went into a room we never cleared in the raids, I guess we forgot a couple… Maybe it’s Romeo & Juliet?

dead couple

I ended my screenshot journey wanting to look up at the stars. I don’t know if you can actually see me, but at least you can probably see the telescope.

telescope wow karazhan

I didn’t see the stars I wanted, so I turned around and made my way home to Shadowmoon Valley, at least there I can see the bright stars shine, even see the trees worship the stars, moon and birds.

Shadowmoon Valley WoD skies and tree

That’s it folks, I hope you enjoyed.

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