Simple Transmog, Day 10

The other day I had some thoughts about the priest, and that there might be a lot of changes coming towards the classes in Legion, which btw is probably many months away. So yes I decided I needed a priest to go with my hunter. Having two “mains” to play around with.

I did originally say I wanted to level a new one, but looking at my character list with my many priests, I decided to just continue with one I already had. I had one at level 90 and she is Draenei, so perfect.


I got her a simple tranmog outfit as well, I didn’t want to go overboard with the shinies so she has pants and a top instead of a dress this time. But I am sure it will change faster then you can say “Doh”.

It’s a bunch of green items. except the gloves which I didn’t bother to transmog,

I like the older simpler outfits, the WoD outfits was a big lackluster for me. The red staff is one of my favorites too, if I can use staffs, you can bet I have that staff on me.

Lanaluu Draenei PriestI do like fancy robes and things like that, like some of the older tier sets, and I shall get them. But sometimes I like to look more like a new adventurer.

So I started at level 90, with a bunch of rested XP, 4000 garrison resources so I got myself a few XP potions from the Garrison vendor and I am now halfway to level 95. I aim to get that level tonight after I put my post out.

Draenei female priest transmog sage's set

Yesterday I had an hour or so to play WoW and I got to visit Darkmoon Faire, I never really spend much time there, but as I was getting the XP buff and waiting for a queue, I did some fishing.

I was lucky enough to get 2 new pets, the Sea Pony that I fished up, and Blorp’s Bubble that I bought with 50 Darkmoon Daggermaw’s that I fished up from the water.

Blorp's Bubble and Sea Pony pet wow dmf

And now it is time for me to dive back into the game to get that final level for today.

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