Fun with Thaumcraft, Day 9!

This years Blaugust has been very different so far, compared to last year. I am enjoying it to the max. I write a post each day, no writing a day ahead, and looking forward to writing each day.

I have yet to use a writing prompt, I am sure I will soon, but I have had ideas pop into my head as I have opened up a post or I just played a game, so the blog post writes itself.  I am not sure if that is good or not, maybe a writing prompt would make for a more interesting read, but I do want to try the best I can to write without much help. Let’s just call it a personal goal.

But, we are only on day 9 so I can’t celebrate just yet, but I am so happy that this year I have so much joy with this challenge. I am sure Bel will be happy to read that too, I think he got a bit worried last year when I said that I was having troubles and the challenge was getting in the way of my enjoyment of blogging.

I am happy to see so many people are eager at writing, there are tons of blogs each day to go through, and I really enjoy going through them while drinking my first cup of coffee of the day. I doubt I get through them all every day though, there are so many and I am not sure my blogroll have every person that is participating on it. I go through my WP reader and Anook in hopes I get through them all. But it’s hard to know if I have actually been through them all because there are a lot of new blogs there for me, so I am not familiar with them all which makes it hard to remember if I have visited them.


Yesterday my other half and I entered Minecraft again. We do this from time to time when the urge come to visit.

We decided on playing around with Thaumcraft.

What is Thaumcraft you ask?

At its heart, Thaumcraft is a mystical pseudo-science experience centered around studying the items and blocks around you and using that knowledge to reorder them into magical or mundane items for your use. Through your studies, you will discover how to produce Wands, Golems, magically infused items and tools, and different ways to produce the basic building blocks of matter: Vis and Essentia.

Bacically we play around with magic, we get a wand, a cool set of armor, goggles. You need to make a special table, with ink and feather, have lots of paper to make scrolls – to learn certain recipes. You get a magical looking glass, where you scan everything and everyone in the world to learn and gather resources of different elements.


We play around with a cauldron making different magial materials and infuse our stuff. It’s sometimes very tedious to make scrolls and open up our “talent tree”, but when you finally get your items it’s loads of fun, I love the fact that you make a cauldron, wave your wand at it, and it transform into a magical cauldron. With this cauldron you need a fire under it, and water into it. You drop items with certain elements in them (for example, if you need fire, you throw in a torch, it has the element of fire), into the cauldron, it bubbles and something magical pops out of it. You hear the bubbles and sparks when the item is made and you feel like you are doing magic. Just ignore how the game looks, just immerse yourself into the world. I forget how the game looks when I get into in.

2015-08-09_03.48.35In this modpack strange things happen. You hear loud bangs, explosion and thunder. Meteorites comes down from the skies, leaving traces of rock and lava.

Yesterday, when we were just minding our own buisness inside our little tower making scrolls, a loud bang was heard. We just ignored it, because it happens every day. But after a good night sleep, we ventured out of our base to look for some squids, we needed Ink! When we get outside though, we saw something strange, right outside our base.


A netherportal had just appeared, straight outside. How did it get there? Where did it come from? Well it saved us the hassle of making it, but it sure was a big surprise having a portal straight outside of our house. We are making use of it though, we just threw out some cobble stone and entered the portal. Into the scary place, THE NETHER!


The Nether is filled with tons of dangerous monters, so we only had a quick visit to get the stuff we needed.

A day after while exploring we came over something else. It was incredibly big! Imagine that a player is two blocks.

minecraft boat

It’s HUUUGE! And fantastic, we didn’t explore it because we didn’t have any nice armor on us, I suspect there are evil pirates in there, masses of them, so we shall come back and loot it all! No man left alive, they shall walk the plank!

While I enjoy Vanilla Minecraft without mods, Modded Minecraft is way better, it offers you a lot of surprises and it gives you a lot of different things to play around with, I think there are at least 3 different kinds of magic you can play around with, Thaumcraft, Ars magica and others, and tons and TONS of other modpacks with different techs, animals, and so on.

We are using ATLauncher, Natural Magic for this kind of Minecraft.

Minecraft is not for everyone, I understand. But I urge people to try it a couple of times before making up their minds. I tried it at least 3 times before I actually started to like it. Because it was to confusing for me at start, it was no fun. But after I started understanding how the crafting worked, how to find recipes etc, it started to get a lot more fun. I am still confused about a lot of things, that’s why it’s nice to have a partner who knows a bit more so they can help. There are also different resource packs and shader packs, around to make the game look a bit better, while not fantastic it can look pretty nice compared to the original. Which I shall install today, because I suspect my BF wants to play more today, and I want it looking nice!


Blaugust, 31 days of blogging:

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5 thoughts on “Fun with Thaumcraft, Day 9!

  1. Yep I can’t get enthused for minecraft because of the looks. Same with Trove. Oddly enough, it seems to be a 3D thing, because I love Terraria, and other 2D games with blocky or 8-bit graphics.


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