Holy Moly, Day 8

So with Legion they are planning on doing a few changes to the classes, what they are I is unknown to me.

I just managed to decide on a main right, the hunter. But that is the one class they have already revealed a bit about. One specialization will be melee, the survival spec.

And seeing they are doing such a drastic change, my thoughts have been going towards the priest. It has been my favorite class over the years, with the holy spells flashing around me, fantastic robes and some very nice staffs. In vanilla I was able to get my Benediction staff, and I was proud of it. I still have it in some bank on one of my many priests, lying around, screaming to be used again.

And if they are doing all these changes, I might just fall in love with the priest again. I have always loved it, and I do miss it, but in the last expansions there has been something wrong with it. I don’t know exactly what, but I have not enjoyed it. My first thought about why I don’t enjoy it is because the discipline spec has been THE spec to use. But I have always enjoyed holy. And holy is now no where what it originally was when I started playing the class. I am not saying holy is boring or bad, just that it is different, and it does not have the feeling it used to have.

I also think it has something to do with how healing is now compared to how it used to be. How groups and raids take damage has changed, and when that change, healing changes also. I used to have to squeeze out every little hp I could with whatever mana I had, I felt it had a bit more with the skills you had, the experience you had rather then the gear you have. I miss the times when you had to be careful with your heals, wait 5+ seconds and regain some mana. But then again, who am I to complain or talk about this, I don’t even raid anymore. I have not set my foot into a proper raid since Highmaul.  I have no idea what I am talking about I guess. But I do feel things have changed to the more boring side.

As a healer I am now more reliant on how the team performs, if the team don’t move out of things or perform well I can not help them, I can not save the day whatsoever if people mess up. That is something that is a bit of lackluster for me. I used to be able to save people from the brink of death if they messed up, if I didn’t pay enough attention, or was not quick enough they would die for sure, but if I was focused I could actually save people from their mistakes. It’s how I feel anyways, if it’s correct for others or not I cannot say. It’s how I see things, and that is why I am not that fond with healing anymore. But again, I don’t raid, I only do dungeons and dungeons do not give you this anymore.

I will be making a change on my leveling goals, and that is to add and remove some things.

  • Select a main
    • Still hunter for the time being
  • Level a new priest on alliance
  • Less Dungeons, more questing
  • Engage in pet battle as I see pets.
  • Avoid flying until it was intended in the expansions.
  • Level Hunter and Priest up to level 100.
  • Level up a profession on each class.
  • Get my first pet to level 25.
  • Apexis daily to gear up.
  • LFR to gear up.
  • Get the next mount achievement.
  • Get Garrison and Shipyard up to speed. 
    • Removing this goal, going to skip it all together, only doing what I need to do to do my quests. I will save all my money instead.
  • Explore all maps.
  • Get tier sets for priest – 5, 6 and 13.

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