Expansion Revealed, what did I like?

The announcement has been made. I am surprised at how much they announced, kind of too much in my opinion when it comes to the story and such.


I am not going into depths about it all, you can read about it in a ton of other blogs, and on Blizzard’s page.

But I want to say what I liked about the announcement.

More class uniqueness, that is what I wanted. And they have added weapons for all specs in the game. Which is really interesting. While it seems silly that everyone around the world will walk around with an artifact (that is what they are calling the weapons), they did think of that. They are going to make the weapons customizable, with a talent tree and the option to change the look of the weapons.

Class halls, also something unique for each class. You get class specific halls, so hunters are in their own hall and can see other hunters, but no other class may enter. It’s the same for each class, I like the idea, I just wonder how they are going to work and what the deal is with these halls, my stream cut out a few times so I didn’t catch everything.

Seems they were adding more dungeons, that is good, I want more dungeons.

New class, while Demon Hunter is not my thing, it’s nice to get a new class, so of course I am going to try it if I get the expansion. It can tank and dps, sadly no new healing class. And they are bound to only Belfs and Nelfs, bummer.

I wanted a new capital, I have mentioned that I wanted something like Dalaran, and oh behold, Dalaran is coming back. That is something I am very pleased with.


The new PvP system, I like it. You level up your PvP ranks up to 50, unlocking different skills, like a talent tree. BUT you can also reset at 50 to open up prestige. So you level up to 50 again, with this you can unlock different customizations, like a customization option for your artifact weapon (change the look of weapon), or mounts, perhaps even transmog gear? Anyways I like this idea.

The druids, they can change the look of their form now, depending on what customization of weapon, I think that is how it worked. So now they don’t have to all look the same, and you can show off what kind of artifact look you have with your form, changing color / and claws. IF I am not mistaken, I might have misunderstood.

Now there was a lot more reviled, but it happened fast and I have a bad memory šŸ˜›

I can’t recall they mentioned anything about more things to do outside in the world though, no mention of bringing in events and group quests or anything that can be done out in the world. They did not mention any changes to LFR orĀ professions. I think the garrison will stay, but with a revamp with less followers, more like a group of followers – KngihtsĀ of the round table type of thing?

I am not sure this will be enough for ME, but it seems a lot have gotten aboard on the hype-train already, even thought they have all been warned šŸ˜›

I am not hitching a ride on that train yet. Even thought they talked about a lot of good stuff, there MUST be more in the world to do and I really hope they add something that they haven’t talked about. Of course this was just an annuncement and they can’t cover every bit of the expansion so, time will tell.


8 thoughts on “Expansion Revealed, what did I like?

    1. There are some things I can imagine being nice, but they can also fail hugely. I am going to wait and see, there is beta and all that first, so a lot of time to make up once mind about it.


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