Jurassic Blog | Day 5

Been busy drawing baby t-rex’s today!
Tyrannodorkus stopped by and commented on one of my posts and I ended up saying I could draw something for him, a little avatar or something. So I have been trying out different types of drawings to see if I could find something Tyrann would like.

I ended up with 3 different once.

Number One, Sir Derp’s A Lot!

derp dino!

Number two, TigerDino.

dino with stripes

And Little Spotty, which is the same drawing obviously, because Tyrann mentioned he wanted spots.

tiny dino spotsAnd last, we have.. I haven’t given it a name. Just a bit more fierce one, but still cartoony and cute.

ex full dino

It’s been a pretty good learning experience, the arms, legs and feet were very tricky, so I didn’t even make any feet on the last picture you see because that was the first one I drew and had no idea how to do them. But I ended up learning how to draw them, somewhat anyways 😛 You should have seen my first go, it was bad, really bad. So while they are not perfect yet, they are 100 times better then when I started today. It’s really nice to see improvements, especially to be able to see it in one day!

This was my first time drawing dinosaurs, except my dragon heads which are sort of similar and it was really fun.

I don’t want Tyrann to feel forced to use them though, I am a big amateur, but I hope he likes them obviously! I can’t wait to see what I draw in a year! 😀 I have been drawing almost every day, I hope I can do more of these things, when I become better and maybe draw for someone else too! Would be so much fun to give away drawings that people actually like.

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