Time is money my friend | Day 4!

I love playing World Of Warcraft, there are many aspects that I like, or at least I did use to like. I find it easy to play, easy to get into different roles. I love playing it because it is familiar. I am used to the game, I know how to do most things, I know how to heal, dps, tank, do professions, easiest way to level up. I know the dungeons, I know how raiding works and how the gearing works. I guess these are all the things that keeps me going, the familiarity. And that is probably why I feel it is so hard to get so involved into other games.

The amount of hours – time, money, fun times, friends and events that have happened, has been plenty. While I have played on and off, I have always gone back to it because of the familiarity.

For a while now there has been talk about yearly expansions, probably because expansions leads to a lot of money, people buy it, sub for a while, then quit. So solution, more expansions.


I am not so keen about this, especially after this expansion, which have been a dull one. I don’t think I will support this yearly expansion plan they are having.

For one, it’s going to cost even more money then they already are getting from me.

This expansion have in my opinion been a horrible one. MoP was okay even though I was unsubbed for a lot of it, not the best expansion I have seen, but there was always stuff to do.

Expansions yearly means smaller expansions, which could feel like a big patch instead. That is what I imagine anyways. In some ways I think things go to fast sometimes. You used to work hard to get your items, money, gear etc, but now a days it all becomes so obsolete in a flash. With yearly expansions, it’s probably going to go faster. Unless, they produce expansions with small amounts of content.

One of the goals in MMO’s is about getting loot, then start over, getting more loot. That is fine, but when things go so fast, it just doesn’t feel like it matters anymore. I remember when you had an item forever, you appreciated it more, and it meant more, you remembered when and where you got it. Now I don’t care for loot that much, because in a week I will probably replace it anyways. I never really remember which boss that I got items from, sometimes not even from which dungeon/raid.

Anyways, we will soon get some information of what is in stored for us.


As I have never followed these kinds of events, I don’t know how much information they usually give out about the future expansion. But I am curious. I hope the next expansion holds more then garrison, 5 dungeons, shitty professions and moronic rare’s that isn’t rare and only drop loot once.

My point is, it doesn’t matter how attached I am to the game, if things aren’t improved after this expansion & there will be yearly expansions, this expansion will most likely be my last. It’s not worth my money anymore. It will be time to delete the account, or whatever I can do, just to get rid of it for good. I will find a new game and invest my time and money into that. Screw the familiarity, with enough time another game can become just as familiar, I just got to let it. I will hold on buying the next expansion, till I see what the verdict are from the people around me, on blogs, forums and other social medias.

Until then I will just have to do what I do what I have planned on my to do list. I’ve been hoping that would give me some extra joy within the game, having goals. While I enjoy the leveling experience, time and time again, I don’t much enjoy being max level, which incredibly silly, seeing as that is where the game wants you to be. I would love to stay in the game because I have invested a lot of time and effort into it, but one wonderful day I will be able to say my goodbyes. I say wonderful, because things have not been the same since before MoP. And that is acually a few years ago now, since that expansion hit. I told myself WoD would be the last expansion, when I tried it and didn’t like it. And I hope I can stand by that.

I do wonder if there is a game out there, other then Minecraft and WoW, where I can enjoy the journey/leveling experience as much. I have a lot of fondness for FFXIV but I have never allowed my self to get totally sucked into it. Probably because I have rarely raided in the game because of the annoying latency issues I still have. Which also means I have issues with doing the primals and such, and when I cannot do things like that I miss out on so much I would love to do. What is the point of having a healer, if you cant do anything else then normal dungeons? Heal trees and materia ?


Rift, while I enjoy the vast world it has, I enjoy no classes which is really a bummer. I am not sure what it is about it I don’t like, if it’s the animation or combat. It’s pretty similar to WoW so I can’t really put my finger on it. I love how there is tons of things to collect, that there are many options when it comes to talent trees, the rifts are awesome. So it’s a bit of a mystery why I can’t get sucked into it.

Wildstar, I have tried it many times now, and I just don’t enjoy it. Probably because it is more Sci-Fi and not enough fantasy in it compared to what I am used to. The leveling experience used to be a drag, but they have made it easier, but that has not helped my enjoyment at all.


SWToR, while I enjoy the stories, again it is too Sci-Fi for me. I love Sci-Fi movies and series, but just not in my gaming. Probably because I am to in love with flashy magic spells with a beautiful staff and lovely dresses as a healer, bows & arrows as a damage dealer and 1h sword and shield as a tank.

GW2, while I love jumping into that game from time to time, it’s not your typical mmo. It does not have the holy trinity and when that is not in place, I quickly lose interest.

gw099The Secret World, that is a really good game, it has good quests and puzzles, it is very different from all the games, it’s dark and mysterious. It has creepy monsters and it’s horror. But, no flashy cute healing, not enough fantasy. I guess I am into bright colors, dresses and magic.

You would think I would have given up on MMO’s a long time ago. But I don’t want too. So I will be the eternal MMO jumper which I accepted last year, that’s cool. But I think, if I once and for all give up on WoW, that will be the day I find my “second love” in the mmo universe.

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13 thoughts on “Time is money my friend | Day 4!

  1. I am so with you there when it comes to not buying into yearly expansions. WoD has been such a lacklustre experience for me, so much so that I flat out refuse to pay for my subscription (I give my money to Blizzard through Hearthstone instead, lol) and there is just no way I would pay for what is essentially patch content.

    Have you looked into Skyforge at all? I’ve heard pretty good things coming out of the open beta πŸ™‚


    1. It has been a lackluster indeed. And yeah, I will not be paying extra for silly patches, the sub is suppose to cover that.

      Actually, no I have not looked into Skyforge but I will now! πŸ˜€ Thanks for suggestion.

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  2. That’s why you set yourself goals. So it doesn’t matter what goes on around you, you’re busy with your goals and having fun getting them done. Well, that’s it for me, anyway. I don’t really care how lackluster WoD is, when I’m leveling up in Outland πŸ™‚

    Such a great blog post for 4 days in Missy. Pics, tons of good stuff in there. I hope you find a game more to your tastes.

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    1. Could have swear I responded to this, hmm. I am having fun with the goals. I just don’t feel it’s going to be worth it if I need to buy an expansion each year. Espesiallly if they will be the size of patches, that’s what our sub money is suppose to go to πŸ™‚


  3. Have you ever checked out Everquest 2? It came out just before WoW and has just released two new Time locked servers. They have attracted a lot of old and new players and the servers are teeming with people wanting to group and explore. Be warned though, the servers are similar to what they were at launch so the levelling experience is not super quick and fast travel is non existent etc. Old school MMORPG!

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    1. I have tried it way back, but I don’t think I have looked into it after time locked servers that you talk about. I might look into this πŸ™‚ Old School might be nice!


  4. Ahhh finding your second MMO love is always hard, or should I say nigh-impossible. πŸ™‚
    I do find it interesting that you liked WoW for it’s leveling journey, that never struck me as its forte. That said, if you enjoyed FFXIV I wonder if you ever tried LOTRO? I know it’s an old game but the world is still very much amazing and there’s a lot of depth to the journey.

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    1. It’s probably impossible indeed. I have tried LOTRO, it was not for me sadly, bit to old perhaps, I don’t know. Or it just felt totally like wow, I can’t remember. Thanks though πŸ˜€


  5. Hi, Missy. Sorry for the late comment, but I just added you to my blogroll. I started my blog with a goal to find another game to play that fitted with my casual playstyle better than Wow and here, several years later, I’m back playing WoW. I am totally with you on the investment we make in a game and the difficulty in finding another that we enjoy as much. For the last few expansions, I would start late (when the price went down), play for a few months, then quit. With WoD, I started at the beginning, but now that they are allowing me to play free with the Token, I don’t feel the same compulsion to get my money’s worth out of it. Since I’m playing casually, I don’t need to spend money on anything and it doesn’t take much time to earn what is needed for a months subscription. WoD has been disappointing, but it sounds like you’ve found a different way to enjoy the game (as I have) and that should be ok.

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    1. Hi Kanter πŸ™‚ Guess most of us have an on and off period when it comes to theire “go to” mmo. I should do like you and aim for the token. Not only would it become free but it would also give a great goal to gather up all that money each month. But I am horrible at getting money, I am not fond of farming old raids etc for cash hehe, but I think I should try it at least one month and see how that goes. WoD has been disappointing, hopefully having these goals will keep it interesting enough. I am glad you get to get those tokens so you can play exactly when you feel like it πŸ™‚ It is a nice thing, those tokens. Thanks for stopping by !


  6. Sorry 4 l8 reply! Dunno how i could miss this?! Great posting and i recognize my own feeling in it. I havent been playing mmos 4 long, only since jan 2014 and it takes quite a while to plunge through some different mmos, builds and playstyles before u can get a clue whats going on :0) at least 4 me^^
    Atm I have my permanent mmo “home” in The Elder Scrolls Online as u know. It seems to suit me as i discovered how important it is to me with an intreresting lore, questing and storyline. I gladly play with friends but also alone as the quests are so engaging I never feel alone:)

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    1. It took a lot of time for me to get into MMO’s and understand how they worked, they are quite different then singleplayer games πŸ™‚
      Really happy to hear you have found your game, sometimes that takes time, perhaps ESO will be your “go to game” in the future, like WoW is to me. Eso is a really cool game, I am not sure why I don’t play it. I really do like it when I play it solo but, perhaps it’s a game that is best with friends, for my anyways πŸ™‚

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