New blog up and running on the 2 day of Blaugust!

It’s the second day of Blaugust and here we are, on my new shiny blog.

Don’t you roll your eyes at me!! Hehe, I wanted a rebrand and here it is. Sparks in the Horizon. Does it sound too cheesy? GOOD!

I fixed the old RSS feed ( I think ) so if you were subscribed there before, it should still work. But I can’t redirect blogger to this one, as this is a free site so I can’t get plugins for redirect, so I apologize for the inconvenience!

I haven’t decided on theme and banner yet, I just made my banner in a jiffy and I would like it to reflect the title of the blog more then it currently does.

I am still going by the name Missy, my Facebook, tumbler and YouTube page still has Missy’s Mojo on it, and will most likely stay that way. Changing those will be to much of a hassle, especially my YouTube channel. But at least I have a fresh start without the anxiety title hanging over me and I will have more sparkles and positive days ahead. I shall look to the horizon, not behind me. Don’t beΒ afraid to call me Mojo though, that’s cool. I can’t change too much at the same time, that would be confusing for some.

I had originally planned to link to a unboxing video today as I got my GeekFuel box in the mail . I did record it and edit it, but I was to lazy to actually upload it, so that will have to wait till the 3rd.

Since I was so busy trying to find out a name and set up the blog today, and reading tons of blog posts, I didn’t get to play much. My plan was to get to level 60!Β I did manage to get to level 50 though, so I am halfway there wohoo! I can’t wait to get to Outlands, get some cool loot and golds!! My pets are now level 5, not really going on warp-speed those pet battles but it is a start.

I ventured into PvP with my hunter today, anticipating slaughter.


And I was right, we got slaughtered, each and everyone of us. There was this one druid, so damn op and he shredded us all with the help of a priest. It was a sad sight. So I learned my lesson, don’t go into PvP unless you are the highest level in the bracket so you can two shot people.

I guess I will reach the 60 mark tomorrow instead, I hoped to reach it today but ey, not everything goes as plan all the time!

Or, I might just draw instead as I haven’t drawn in two days, I need to keep at it if I am going to become better.

But I need to get back into FFXIV too, I have set up my goals, yet my Miqote is still sleeping in her bed! Poor cat, she hasn’t been out of the house in 2 weeks or something.

Anyways, since I am writing straight before bed, I think I might cut it there, maybe I will post a bit bigger post in the morning.


What is blaugust, you want to join ? Head over to Bel’s!


15 thoughts on “New blog up and running on the 2 day of Blaugust!

  1. Fresh starts are always a good thing. I love what you’ve done with the place so far!
    PS. your hunter’s face is absolute perfection! I’m pretty sure that’s the face I used to give my husband when he’d suggest PvP πŸ˜›


    1. Haha I know right, I knew that was the picture that I needed to use, cause I think that was exactly what I looked like too πŸ˜›
      And thank you πŸ™‚


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