Be Happy, Stay positive, Smile.

While I haven’t reached a 150 subs on my channel yet, I am still 5 away.
I am still going to do a silly dance. I asked for help for my 150 subs vlog and people suggested dancing for some reason.
Now, I didn’t do a specific dance like Joseph asked, this is just me, moving around showing the world that I CAN’T dance πŸ˜› But I CAN record !

This is basically a video where I talk a bit about trying to stay positive, be happy and things like that. If it makes sense or not, if it will help anyone or not, that is unknown. Β I just felt I wanted to do something, talk to you all. And be silly at the same time πŸ™‚
Sure I might be making a fool out of myself, but I don’t care haha, I just want to be happy, I want to bring a smile on other peoples face. So if just ONE person smiles from my video, I have victoryyyyyyyy!!!



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