I need suggestions for challenge!

Hola, mi amigos!!
I’m in a good mood today. Woke up early, just had my coffee, posted my new vlog on the channel and here I am.
Vlog here btw! šŸ˜›

My channel reached 140 subs as I was asleep last night, and I am very happy about that. 10 more and we need to celebrate, but what should I do? Have an eating challenge of some sort? Or do something special?

I need suggestions from you guys šŸ˜€ Maybe eat a sour lemon as fast as I can, or find a chili? (please don’t say chili :P)
I go out and do something, or just talk? Let me know what you all would like and I will see what suggestions is doable šŸ˜€

Morning face inc :


Excited to see if/what you all come up with!! šŸ˜€

Have a lovely day!

7 thoughts on “I need suggestions for challenge!

  1. Don't do chili! They all do chili, you wanna be unique. Maybe sing or dance to a viewer requested song? Or go out and about. Find something a little different! šŸ˜€


  2. Yeah was just a suggestion so people would get what I meant šŸ˜€ Singing, you be crazy girl, I can't sing! People would turn it off the second I opened my mouth šŸ˜› But I will think about it, just for you šŸ˜›


  3. Challenge: Do a dance Missy! Doesn't have to be a whole song, just part of it… šŸ˜€

    This one might be a bit tough for your first try but you get the idea…

    And here's a tutorial… šŸ˜›


  4. Omg hahaha, hmm… You know I have tried things like this and failed miserably. But I will see if I can find a video like it showing the steps šŸ˜› I wont promise I will do it though haha.


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