Celebrating is exhausting

Today I used the whole day celebrating the Norwegian Constitution day (national day). Me and Eirik went to visit my mom, then dad and at the end we went to his mom.

We enjoyed some ice-cream, cakes, sausages, potato salads, then some more ice-cream, strawberries, shit ton of coffee. Then at the last visit at Eirik’s mom, we had some more cake (s) and some tea.

Bleh feel kind of sick now thinking about it hah, but that’s how it is when you have 2 families, and parents are divorced.

I didn’t really feel like going, just wanted to cuddle up on the sofa, but I am glad I went. Not only is it good for me to get out, but it is always nice to see family, although you don’t always feel like it when you are sitting at home on your ass being lazy.

I am now super tired, but a good tired I guess, so I will have to find my bed soon! Hopefully it’s where I left it….. (duh so dumb joke)

I made a short vlog today, celebrating 100 subs, and showing off my weird dress. Take a peak at my derping…

Hope all of you had a lovely Sunday, I sure did.

As for my YouTube channel, I have been a bit slack with uploading videos, but my Secret of Mana is at least on a steady schedule.


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