Scariest Place #NBI2015Safari

Yes the Screenshot Safari, I mentioned it in another post previously.
Today, I have a photo. I was unsure if I was going to put it under Landscape or Scariest Place.

I ended up with Scariest Place.


Can you think of anything more scary then getting this up in your face ?

How does this relate to the NBI ? Well, as a starter blogger we have many worries. We are scared of looking like ass’s. We are scared of falling straight on our ass and fail with the bloggin aren’t we, at least as “newbs”. And last but not least, most of us have at one point been scared of meeting those assholes that wander around the internet, the one that might come to your blog acting like a total ass and saying really nasty stuff.

Well, the blogger world seems like a scary place, the internet is certainly full of buttholes, but OUR blogging community, is nothing to be afraid of!


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