In the spirit of #NBI2015Safari

I did not plan to participate much in the NBI this year, because I have a lot on my plate and I am really drained mentally.

But I can’t resist joining in on this event.

Murph’s Challenge :

For my part in the NBI2015I want to see your screenshots. Each week in May, I am challenging everyone to publish a post featuring a favorite screenshot and why that screenshot best fits a particular theme. You can choose freely from the list of themes, but please only submit one post per theme. Considering this is a weekly event, that means only four overall submissions are allowed, so make them count!

So I have looked through some folders, but definitely not all 😛 And I picked this one for the selfie picture. I had a few to chose from, but this was one of the first screenshots I took from her at the launch of FFXIV ARR. You know I love my lalafell even though I am not playing her at the moment.

I imagine her sitting there thinking about the adventures ahead, just like the NBI, many adventures and thoughts ahead as a blogger.


So this was my contribution to this week. Hope you like it.


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