Update after Easter

How are you lot ?
Sorry I have been quiet during the Easter, I have been pretty busy with visiting family here and there.

I went to mom for waffles, mmm, dad for some good old steak, went for a walk by MjΓΈsa.


And overall had a lovely Easter. I am pleased to say I have not had any more panic-attacks, it was just the one. I have however been feeling a bit down, I think I overdid my efforts of being social and trying to get myself out there in the real world. It got to much so I had a real bad day the other day being all negative.

I ended up feeling life was just a waste, if I would succeed on something I would just fall over and die anyways, so what was the point. I got into a very dark place. But that was just my depression letting me know he had not let go of me just yet.

I am feeling better again though so fear not !

The therapy is going well, I had my 3 group session this Tuesday and I did a lot of talking and it felt really nice to get back. Also had an individual therapy session today which was really good, it was good to vent a bit, I have been worried a lot lately. Next month we will take a bloodtest, to check my levels, see if I am missing any vitamins, nutrients and checking my metabolism. All this can affect my moods and can cause depressions so it’s important to check once in a while.

Guild stuff and Youtube

One of my guildmembers, well one of the leaders pitched me an idea about some Youtube videos today. He wanted to make some sort of show, similar to Convert to Raid on Youtube, and I loved it.

So we will be brainstorming a bit, talking about ideas etc to see what we can come up with. I am totally excited about this although it will involve a lot of hard work. But many of you know about this stuff as a lot of you are involved in Podcasting. At least I have many of you to ask for advice if we should need any.

I really hope we can move on with this idea, and making something fun and unique for our guild. It would be a pretty epic hobby to deal with, I love youtube videos and editing so why not.

We would talk about different wow things, record our events, I would do some voiceovers or something and we would have podcastish events. Yay, it could be pretty cool.

Would be awesome for my channel too, having more then just me on the channel could give my channel that push to get over 100 subs. It’s good to dream and get some fun goals.

Ding 100 and LFR

I have reached level 100 on my Monk in WoW, she is now gearing up and is ready for the first part of LFR. I actually did it once already, I tanked on every part of the Highmaul lfr and it went pretty good, no wipes on either runs so I guess I did my part. I am excited I managed to jump in there as I have been so scared of tanking in LFR because of all of the trolls and abuse you get in there. But it went fine and I had a lot of fun believe it or not !

Tomorrow is the guilds heroic/normal 5man runs and I am looking forward to it. It is a totally different experience doing it with only guildmembers and it is more challenging actually, as you don’t get that buff you do in pugs. But we have managed just fine with no wiping in the heroics so I am proud of my guildmembers πŸ™‚ Yes for many people it’s easy stuff, but not all are as experienced so this is good for us. Especially when it comes to bonding with each-other as people, not as avatars.

Anyways yes, that’s it for today. I shall try and keep you more posted, I am sorry I was quiet for a while, I did have a lot to struggle with this Easter in terms of thinking about my familiy member who is worrying about that cyst. But it will all turn out well, I am sure, I am positive.

Thank you all, knowing you are out there reading my post and cheering for me means a ton ❀

Tine / Missy


7 thoughts on “Update after Easter

  1. Congrats on 100! First wing of LFR is good to get your feet wet because it's the easiest LFR has even been. You'll probably be more challenged in further wings, but it will be more on the healer. Awesome that you're a Tank.

    Oh, and a belated Happy Easter.


  2. Yeah I have healed the next raid and it is a bit different, probably need a bit more focus then the other one, so looking forward to it πŸ™‚

    Hope you had a nice easter too ❀


  3. Oh my GODS I am so in love with the Norwegian landscape!

    Hopefully the warmer weather over the next 6 months will help your mood too, I know a lot of people find winter gets them down a lot more. πŸ™‚


  4. Grats on the therapy progress and dinging 100 and here's to guild runs tomorrow and podcasting!

    Hugs for the overwhelm and the down days.


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