Tralala-lallafell!! #ffxiv

The Goblet – FFXIV ARR
Yes. I checked my bank-account today, and to my big surprise some money had sneaked itself on to it! Which made me so incredibly happy. Such a relief. I haven’t gotten that second letter, but seeing as I have gotten a payment, we all know what it is going to say. Application accepted.

Strange part was though, I have been thinking I was going to run to the mall and spoil myself a bit because things have been so tight around here since before Christmas, but nothing came to mind about what I should even get. I mean, I need new pants and stuff but, that’s it. I guess me and Eirik are far from spoiled because all we got ourselves today was a bottle of soda, some chocolate and crisps. And it was NAIS mkaaay…
Oh and yes I subbed for FFXIV! Hehe, so spoiled, amagawd I know! Only thing we use money for are food, e-cig juices and gaming. We don’t drink anymore so we save a shit ton of money on that because you know things are very expensive here in Norway. We hardly  use the car anywhere so we don’t pay much for gas. So we have the regular bills that needs to be payed, as we all do, but apart from that we don’t really use much money on shit we don’t need.

Final Fantasy XIV

Anyways, prepare to be spammed with lalafell pictures. You know it’s coming….
I decided on a re-roll to Cactuar, because we all have so many friends who occasionally visits that server, with Bel having his free company there. I want to have my other toon staying on Odin because I have friends there. I saw Bel , Murf and LonoMonkey today so far 🙂 Which was really nice, fun to be on the same world as those from the US for a change.
Re-roll was the best option, besides I wanted to really enjoy the leveling journey, I haven’t done that yet. I rushed the last toon I had so, this time it’s going to be lots of questing and tons of photos for me so I can say: Awwwww so cute!
My new lalafell looks almost the same as my old one, with a bit of different hair and smaller pupils etc. Nothing you will notice:P
I started earlier today and I got my first new chest at level 5 and yes, such a cute chestpiece, to bad I wont be able to glamour it because it is not a Gladiator/paladin item.
This must be the most adorable lalafell girl you have ever seen, look at her. Don’t you dare call her creepy mkaaai! Some people call my lalafells creepy *sniffles* Just jealous of her awesomeness.
As I actually have followed some of the story this time, I have met the “handsome stranger” a few times. And I realized that he is the biggest flirt around. Yet he hasn’t flirted with me! Guess I intimidate him, cause I am the hero after all.
Look at this guys, smearing it on.
Anyways I have been busy, doing those hunts, hunting log? I can’t remember what they are called. Killing many different mobs in order to gain the famous XP. These mobs just pop up everywhere when you quest so you don’t even need to look for them. I met a lot of cactuars, thankfully they don’t behave like in the original FFXIV where they blew up with 10.000 needles. Cause they were insane. Yes I did play the original FFXIV before the remake 🙂 I really did enjoy that game.
I have changed many outfits today as well, some I liked, some I really hated 😛 But I do love how the gear can change very quickly, and you can look kinda cool even at low level. Although you can also look like a right tool sometimes too.
Her pirate / gladiator look was alright, I think it fits nicely.
But her “I’m an army girl / green tree hugger” look didn’t quite impress me that much. She looks happy though, might be cause she’s camped out by the fire, with some cute boys around.
Thankfully when I reached level 15 I got to a quest-hub not far from Horizon which had new gear for me, so I didn’t have to log out looking like a uhm, I don’t know, it don’t look right…
This looks more like a Gladiator! I just love small characters that uses shields, it’s so funny to watch them run around with that shield on their backs.
My goal for today was to reach 15, and so I did. I even had time to try out the guildhest’s, my first grouping experience on Miss Mojo. It was fun, got me started on trying to spam flash 😛 I managed just fine, but I am kind of nervous about doing dungeons tomorrow. I know the community used to be brilliant, but I have heard some negative stuff lately about people kicking people to make room for their friends, nagging for more speedruns and ninja pulling to make runs go faster and people starting to become very elitist. I will just have to see how that goes. I’m sure it will be fine, or else I’ll just have to remove party-chat cause I WANNA TANK STUFF. So DING level 15, quest complete !
I know I know, lot’s of selfies of my lalafell and not enough shots of the actual world. That will come in the next days, but the lalafell really wanted to be introduced to you guys..*ehm*
So I will leave you with this image… ( I still have tons left, but I shall spare you the agony 😛 )

18 thoughts on “Tralala-lallafell!! #ffxiv

  1. Why don't my screenies ever look this good. *harrumph* Starting to really miss Photoshop, Gimp just doesn't deliver the goods. :p

    PS. Thancred doesn't flirt with you cus' he's mine, mmkay?


  2. She is pretty cute! I still don't trust her not to be creepy though…>_>

    I think that last screenie is great! You should use it as a blog banner!


  3. Community's pretty great overall and even at the high levels. It's a rare thing to stumble upon someone outright agressive or being insulting.

    I will make one exception though about the 24 man raids, Labyrinth of ancients, Syrcus Tower and World of Darkness which seems to draw out the trolls like nothing else. But even then, we're miles away from WoW level of trolls


  4. Welcome (back) to FFXIV! Your Lala is sooo cute! 🙂

    I also have a character on Cactuar in the FC. Though, my main runs a FC on another server, so I don't jump over there as often as I should.


  5. I have been alone for the most part enjoying questing alone 🙂 which makes me happy as it makes it more immersive. Dont know how it will be on higher levels though. There are many ways of leveling and I think alot of people still just run with fate farming (events) so you will be alone a lot with your quests i think.


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