You are afraid of being seen as stupid.

  • Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration, Norwegian public welfare agency, the Norwegian abbreviation and common name is NAV.
As some of you know, I have applied for work assessment allowance. With that I had to write an application, and a self assessment application (declaration? Google translate ftw), where I had to answer questions about myself and my wishes for the future towards work and treatment.
And a few weeks ago I got a response on one of the applications I made, self assessment one. And on that paper they had written a bunch of stuff.
So what did they write ? I am not sure you are even interested. But here goes, I am going to try and shorten it a bit.
Your mental health inhibits you from working. You have a personality disorder, social anxiety and depression. You went through treatment at DPS (district psychology center) and you are referred to DPS again for further treatment, possibly a unit for personality psychiatry. This means I will go to another hospital which is more suited for my disorders. (and pardon my English here, there are some words I find hard to translate)
Your everyday is characterized by avoidance and isolation. This inhibits you to do daily tasks. You are afraid of being seen as stupid and scared of not being able to do things/tasks. Much bodily discomfort in relation to anxiety symptoms.
There were 5 different people discussing my case and an evaluation was done based on documents sent in by me, my doctor, and previous documentation from DPS.
The letter goes on and on, but what they are basically saying is that it’s hard for me to be in a normal work environment. They say I am in need of skills upgrading or vocational measures to increase my employability, but before that they recommend me going through treatment.
With this they end the letter by saying I meet the conditions for  work assessment allowance.
Today, I saw on my page on NAV, that they had gone through the second application as well. Now I just have to wait 2 days or so to get that letter and see what it says. But from what they said in this first letter, I sincerely doubt they are going to reject that application.
When I read my first letter, I was both happy and sad. Happy that I might get financial help, but so sad to read that I am sick, unable to work and in need of both treatment and followup with NAV as they will help me get work after the treatment. Work that is suited for people with my kind of disorders.
I know I am sick, I have known for a long time. Still it is sad to read it on black and white, having people discussing it in a meeting. It’s kind of scary.
But but but!!! It’s 99% sure that I will get financial help, and treatment for my screwed up mind. And that is positive, it’s not sad at all.
I will keep you updated, hopefully I will know more in 2 days.
And the first thing I am going to do when I get some money is buying some new pants!! All my pants have a hole in the frikking ass! Can’t go nowhere with hole in my pants! Guess I sit to much huh 😛


Yesterday I decided to level another character, because I just felt like it. And I wanted a warrior, they look bad ass !! Charging here and there, jumping and thunder-bolting from their feet. So after trying out many races I ended up with the little gnome you see.
At first I hated her, I did, because there is so much clipping with the shield, shoulders and hair. And she wasn’t exactly pretty… o.O
So I logged off at level 7 yesterday and left her. But when I got up today, I was very eager and thought I would give her another go. And yes I enjoyed playing her to the max. I am tanking with her, she is so overpowered it’s just insanely funny to speedrun and charge all over.
I managed to get her to level 50 before I logged, haha levels come so easy now, and espesially while tanking. Instaqueues!!
But playing her, makes me miss FFXIV even more. So when I can afford I am soooooo going to sub for one month and level up a brand new lalafell paladin. I WANNA I WANNA!!!
Anyways, time for bed 🙂 Thank you for stopping by, yet again. Means incredibly much that you guys’n’gurls stop by!

10 thoughts on “You are afraid of being seen as stupid.

  1. I'm glad that they have not only recognised that you require help but also seem to show an understanding of your individual condition/situation, rather that just bundle you into a generic category.
    I hope they follow up and that you receive the required help.


  2. The way I see it is, as well as being sad that other people think you are sick and need help, be glad that what you have known all along is not all in your head. You're not making it up, and you can trust yourself in this, because they have confirmed that you are right. So be encouraged about that. You are finally moving forward, and it will be scary, but it is a good thing. Best of luck to you, MIssy!


  3. Great news Missy! Tis sad indeed to see that u are sick, but everything with the right spirit is doable, i have almost exactly the same kinds of depression but fixing it bit by bit… rly wish u the best of luck 🙂


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