Lovely day out!

Today I’ve spent a few hours outside, at my dads celebrating his birthday.
First thing I thought when he sent me a message the other day that we were going to be outside was: Yeah, you are pretty optimistic there dad.
I was thinking about the weather of course, and with luck on his side, we had a pretty lovely day with awesome weather. The sun was shining, there was no wind and we had around 6-7 + Celsius, which made for a fantastic day outside.
He had set up a bonfire so we could warm up some hot-dogs, I think you guys would call them that, or sausages I’m not sure.
Most of the family was there, my two nephews, my brother and his fiance, my dads girlfriend of many years and her daughter + her daughters son. We did miss a few people, but everyone can’t attend these things every single time.
Non the less we had a super day. The kids had their ski’s and boards so they could play on the snow. They could make their own food (sort of, just warming the hot-dogs on a stick, but that’s fun for them)
Even Nemo got some of the hot-dogs, nom nom he was happy indeed.
Sadly though I can’t share many photos because I don’t want to put out photos without their permission, so I guess you have to see my face again.
We finished the day with a piece of home made apple cake and whipped cream, mmmm….

Yesterdays drama

I didn’t take much part of it yesterday, I re-tweeted Belghast’s post, I wrote my own post about freedom of speech inspired by the events. And I told people to just stop obsessing over it late last night. There was just a conversation on Twitter and I just felt the need to stop it. I think I might have butted in where my butt didn’t belong, and I do feel I might have overstepped. And if someone felt stepped on, for that I am sorry. I just wanted to stop things before things were said that someone might have regretted, that is all. Some things you just can’t take back.
I have this incredibly uncomfortable feeling being on Twitter today, and I am not sure if that is in my head or not. There is a reason why I usually stay out of these things, and this end result is the reason why. I always become so unsure if I did the right thing or not. I believe at the time that I am doing the right thing, but thinking about it later, I feel maybe I should have shut up. I don’t know if this is the part of my insecure personality, or if it is because I overstepped. I guess there is nothing I can do now anyways, what’s done is done.
In my defense, I shall say this, I saw something I wasn’t comfortable with, and I said something. I don’t often do it, so when I do speak up, it is because I feel that something should be said.
I love our community and I would hope that one should be able to speak their mind without being frozen out, right ? (not that I am frozen out of anything, just saying)
Anyways, this too shall pass.

8 thoughts on “Lovely day out!

  1. Maybe you'd be surprised at how little people care about your butting in, Missy, since you weren't one of the main actors in the drama. At the same time, I think many people noticed your efforts, and I believe you affected some of them in some way. They would never say anything about it, they might not even realise that they were affected. But I really don't think you have to worry about being frozen out for speaking your mind in the way you did. People might not agree with you – I know I didn't, but I can't put my finger on how or why – but they certainly won't think badly of you because of it. You weren't rude or nasty, and you didn't make a nuisance of yourself – you said your piece and then you were done.

    Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I am glad you spoke up, hopefully it will help give you the confidence to speak up again in the future, when you have a strong opinion.


  2. Also, I am really jealous of your amazing weather! I am sweltering in 35+ degree heat in Melbourne…just looking at the snow and bonfire makes me long for cooler weather.


  3. Thank you. I imagine people haven't given it a second thought, it's just my insecurities that pop on by sometimes. It's just silly, at least I think so. Thank you for putting my mind at ease 🙂


  4. We did have warmer up here too this weekend with -4c which was a nice change from the -25 and below we've been getting so far. Was great because I was babysitting the nephew and we were able to go to park and play some outside.

    Today it's back to -30 but hey, had a nice weekend.


  5. Aww that sounded nice 😀 So much better to be outside with the kids,and less exhausting actually, then sitting inside.

    -30 isn't exactly a nice temperature to be outside :/ Thankfully we haven't had that cold a winter this year, been a warm winter which is weird.


  6. Nice selfie. Another enjoyable read. I just ignored all those goings on on twitter. Didn't see the point in getting involved. So, that's my advice. See something happening on twitter you don't like. Just ignore it.


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