Freedom of speech, respect and empathy!

First of all, this is not an attack on anyone, but my view on freedom of speech.
There has been a lot of negativity and arguing today in the blogger and Twitter community, well discussions and things was very heated. I have tried to keep out of it because I don’t have thick enough skin. I have shown my support and that is all the strength I had to offer on the matter. I don’t intend to elaborate much about the issue that was on topic, it just revolved around freedom of speech, sexual objectification and some arguments around that.
All I can say is that everyone is entitled to have their own opinion on something, and I respect that. And that respect should go both ways. Agree to disagree! You don’t have to agree with other peoples opinions, and you can express your disagreement on another person’s opinions – BUT you have to respect the other persons views and come to terms that you can’t always convince the other party to agree with your opinion. You can try explain why you don’t agree, but at the same time respect that the other person don’t see things the same way as you.. I hope you understand where I am getting at here.
Often people seem to think that they are right, and the other side is wrong. I don’t think it’s that simple. It isn’t always black and white. We are all raised in different ways, with different views on things. We have all experiences different things. One person might see one thing as perfectly normal while the other person might be totally shocked about how that person views things. Different religions, countries, races, and even gender have all different views on things which is why it is so important to try and listen to each other and learn from each other rather then bickering, throwing dirt at each other.

We have all different experiences.

Experiences that has happened to one person, will shape and form that person, and that same thing might not have happened to the other person, which might make us react differently towards an issue. Always have that in the back of your mind when you are having an argument about a discussion so sensitive as sexual objectification, religion or any other heavy subjects. If you want to involve yourself in a conversation that heavy, be sure to understand what the conversation is about and have some constructive to say. That is very important.


One thing I see lacking on the internet is empathy, to often. If you don’t understand what that means, here is an explanation : Empathy is the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing from within the other person’s frame of reference, ie, the capacity to place oneself in another’s shoes.
What I am trying to say is: Try to be empathetic – try to put yourself into other peoples shoes sometimes before you jump into conversations. Respect each other, and try to be nice. If you can’t, explain to the person that you don’t think you can agree and would like to agree to disagree and go your separate ways.
Remember, not all have the right for freedom of speech like we do. People get stoned and hung some parts of the world for saying or doing things we take for granted. Try to respect the fact that you are allowed this freedom, and try to appreciate it.
That was just me voicing an opinion on what freedom of speech is for me, nothing more, nothing less. Agree or don’t agree, that is your right!

12 thoughts on “Freedom of speech, respect and empathy!

  1. Lol my brain's going, “Psst.. she's talking about you, you're horrible.” xD Dumb brain.

    *cuddles you* I know what you meant really though. So all I'll say is:



  2. I am not pointing fingers, I wanted to talk about something that I feel is important and it was inspired by all the posts and tweets that has happened today. I wanted to express my views on something more important then how to level a wow class 😉


  3. Thanks for posting this, Missy. I had a hard lesson in this earlier in the week. I was trying so hard to make a point that I didn't realize how much I was hurting the person on the other end of the conversation. It really made me step back and reconsider how I was using Twitter, blogging, and whether I should even still be a part of this community. I hated the fact that I'd hurt my friend, and hated even more that I was oblivious to it until it was pointed out to me. Hopefully I can be more thoughtful in the future.

    Also, I think we've got to be careful that showing support of one side isn't perceived as “piling on” by the other side. Sometimes it's a fine line we walk in this very public space.


  4. I don't think it is our responsibility at all to manage the perceptions of the other side. If you agree with one side, and showing your support for that side is seen as “piling on” or bullying or whatever, that is completely their problem (assuming you aren't being a huge a-hole about it, of course).

    One would think that, if you voice an opinion and get an immense amount of pushback from your social peers, then you need to re-examine your opinion to figure out whether THAT is the problem. Ideally, you would do that by engaging with that pushback and trying to drill down to where the conflict lies.


  5. It's always hard to realize that you are hurting someone, but the fact that you in the end understood it and learned a lesson, well something good came out of it. You may have wanted to learn your lesson in a different way, but sometimes bad things happen , we make bad choices and/or don't' realize that what we are doing and saying are hurting someone. Important thing is that you now know more then you did, you know now better.

    I don't think stepping back from the community is the choice to make though. We all make mistakes, we are human beings and we are not perfect. And we are all capable (well most of us) of forgiveness. We probably have a lot we can learn from your experiences, so don't think that you have to take a step back just because you sometimes makes mistakes.


  6. I think its our responsibility to look at ourselves and try to bring our message out to others as well as possible. Talk to others how you want to be talked to yourself. Get your message across how you would have liked to receive it. I don't think its our responsibility to manage the perceptions of the other side, how could we, we are not them, we have no idea how they will see things. We can only do our best to convey our message. And look at ourselves and try to see how we come across.


  7. i see this completly making sense. nowadays everywhere and not just on the internet, you find that most ppl handle arguments in a way like “if you don't say yes to what i say, then you are my sworn enemy” . and i just find it rly difficult to handle a civilized conversation that way. when i am having a conversation with a friend that has different opinions than mine, i don't treat him\her in a way that makes them feel i am above them, cuz that is not true. what is true is that it is hard to be that empathetic, but the more you get used to being one, the more it gets easier. If ppl learn to be more forgiving and more reasonable, then we wouldn't have that kind of problems.
    so i rly find this post quite motivating and glad to see other ppl thinking this way 🙂


  8. It isn't always easy to try and see the other side of a discussion, sometimes even impossible, but at least we can try right ? And that is important, that we at least try.

    Been on the internet since I was a teenager, so half of my life, and I see people get more and more sensitive each day. I'm not talking about the people I “hang out” with but people that might pass by and sometimes it's just impossible to even try to make a hint that you disagree on something, because then your suddenly a bastard and your blocked, BOM! It's like its a crime to have a healthy discussion about something, discussions are healthy, it picks your brain, you might learn things and isn't an attack on a person, but a lot seem to think it is.

    Anyways, thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment with your views, much appreciated.


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