Mind Blown! Ding!

When I wrote my blog yesterday I was in such a good mood, I was energetic and happy. It is very rare that I get the pleasure of having that energy coming to visits, so I actually started to write a second post yesterday, but… It fell short. But today, hopefully I can manage to get another post out.
 Level 100… again!
I got up this morning and made my coffee, and had one goal. Reach level 100 on my paladin (4th 100). I was 10 minute away from dinging last night, but I didn’t feel like starting another quest so I just left it there. So now I am going to log in, and get that ding, and come back to my post ! Be Right Back…*inserts elevator music*

Okay so it took more then ten minutes, I failed. I thought signing up for a BG would be a fun way of dinging, but of course we lost it. But a dungeon solved it!

You know, a bit offtopic, I just thought of something, I’m not sure I have thought of this before but I came to the realization that some people might actually be excited to read my blog?! That someone might actually be sitting there, hoping for me to post something. I have never really thought about that before and when thinking about it now I’m like “wow, mind blown”

It might not actually be the case but still, why haven’t I thought of that before? Am I that thick in the head? Haha. What an awesome thought though, that brings me loads of joy. *Sits here and let it sink in*

Ok back to WoW heh.
Soon after I dinged 100, it was time to get that Garrison up to speed, I had saved up enough resources to level it to 3! Woop, my very own castle.It’s frikking huge, HUGE I tell you, I almost got lost in there, and I have my very own ghost. It is way bigger then the Horde Garrison “castle”, horde house is a joke in comparison.

Blogger Error

Okey, this is really getting annoying, I have been trying to preview this post 10 times now, because yes I want to see how it looks like – duh.
And I just keep getting errors. Clearing cache etc has not worked. So my blog post might just look like a right mess right now. Why you doing this to me Blogger, why ? And sometimes when I try to click enter, nothing happens. I might end up having a mile of white space on my blog because I have spammed my enter button so much. I googled the issue and seems some other people have the problem too so it’s not on my end. It’s Google pulling our leg.

Wedding Bells.

I hear my friend Jaedia is getting married. How awesome is that ?

Sadly I won’t be able to attend that because… yes I am me. But I shall be there in spirit ❤ I am just so happy for her, and the good news. If anyone in the world deserve something good, it is her.

I think I might call my blogpost there, because not being able to preview it is driving me INSANE!

One thought on “Mind Blown! Ding!

  1. Congrats on the new 100. And yes, the Alliance garrison is really nice. What level 3 buildings are you going for? I would recommend the Salvage Yard, Inn, Barn/Trading Post depending if you're interested in trapping Elites. Barracks and Dwarven Bunker.


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