Humor, what is that ?

I wrote a bit more lengthy post yesterday compared to what I normally do. About me wanting a permanent MMO home, and stop the MMO jumping. And to improve my blog. 

The feedback, suggestions and help I got really surprised me. You all are so sweet, helpful and honest, you have no idea ! Thank you so much. You have helped me to gather my thoughts, and I know more today then I did yesterday! 

A few people said that I just have to accept who I am, and that it is okay to just be a MMO – jumper. Yes I do agree, it is an acceptable way of gaming, many people do that. And I am that kind of person. I accept that I am, I will be more happy that way.

Accepting that you are who you are, isn’t always that easy, and I think, there is something more to this issue then just wanting a main MMO, it goes deeper then that and is connected with more then just gaming. I think that is the reason why it is so important to me, to have a main MMO because it is actually linked to something in my real life that I am not totally aware of. I thought maybe it had to do with enduring through boring and bad patches, so I would learn to put that into real life as well. But after thinking about that, it just seemed silly, so I decided to just let it be and move on. I have a home in real life, I have a home in the world of the internet, and you guys are a part of that home, that is more then enough!!
Let’s just put this topic a side, I don’t want to spend my blogpost about me wanting to belong to a single MMO. PFFT I say!


Oh I have been over that so many times, I wanted a regular Sunday post, linking to favorite screenshots of the week, favorite blog posts, and whatnot. And I forgot all about it, and yeah it didn’t happen. 
I guess you just have to accept that I am flimsy, lazy and/or forgetful. I have a sneaky suspicion that you lot have already accepted it, it is I who am slow to the acceptance party 😛
Anyways I shall use my Mojo – Method, very similar to the Bel – Method, of just sitting down in front of the computer once a day and writing whatever comes to mind. Some days about my day that has been, other times maybe something GRAAAND. I might not post every day, but I will try writing something everyday, sometimes I will post, sometimes I will put it into draft for a long time and let it sit for a while.
Routines are important, and I have none, none other then getting up in the morning, brushing my teeth etc.
So a blogging routine shall be picked up again, soon I will try to get a blog out everyday, but not yet, but sometime in the near future.
I accept that my blogging style is what it is, and that it might change over time as I change. But I guess, as I have been told, I have my own style, and that’s it. My method is good enough. I  hope in time, more of me will shine through, I feel that my sense of humor is the hardest thing to put down in letters, being funny on command is… hard heh. But maybe it is already shining through 😀 
What the ?
Totally my outfit on dads birthday this Saturday ! Can’t wait.
About my sense of humor. I guess this maybe applies to everyone ? I have many sets of personas, they are all similar to each other, but they do differ. It all depends on who I am with. I did mention this in a comment on Jaedia’s blog once. I am different around my friends then I am with my mother, and different around Eirik then I am with my friends etc. This obviously means my sense of humor also differs around people. Eirik and I have this childlike humor, making weird faces, talking in strange voices and dialects. Sometimes we even do stupid stuff like pretending we walk down a stair, behind the sofa and just vanishes. Or just hide around a corner, with our head peaking out just staring..Hehe, cracks me up!
But I would never do that in front of my friends, that would just be weird, all though, I send many weird facial expression snaps to my brother and to my best friend. Guess it spawns from the time I was a kid and mom used to make weird voices and funny faces to me and my brother, while we were listening to cassettes or playing board-games when we were younger.
I’m not sure where I was going with this, oh yes, I just want to try and make my sense of humor shine through more. Cause it is one of the sides I do like about myself. Therefor I ended spewing out a lot of nonsense. I tend to do that.
Anyways, I really have the urge to just write all day today, it’s amazing. I might even put out 2 posts today. But right now, I gotta cut this post short because, I don’t have a slightest idea of what to write next !
I’m ending this post, with a selfie, I just took it, and this is how I usually go about these days, the “I haven’t put my face on, and put tons of shit in my hair” look. Because you guys like real life stuff, and I am a part of real life – here !
I can honestly say that I am not one of those “Pink Bloggers” 
(that’s what we call them in Norway – Not sure what the English word for it is) who photoshop and put out fake shit, and glamourising my blog! If I did, I have failed miserably ! I truly believe that people are more interested in the real person behind the blog, then the so called “perfect life” 
Until next time…

6 thoughts on “Humor, what is that ?

  1. Woo, Discus worked today!!!

    Happy to hear I get to get more Missy from now on! Keep on trucking!

    PS: we need more Norway people hanging around. I need other people to complain about snow with (canadian here)


  2. I heard others had problem with Discus on my blog yesterday, that sucks :/ But there are more issues with the blogger commenting thing so, hopefully it will be more stable.

    The snow is melting here today, it's 7+ celcius o.O To warm!! Just soggy snow and slippery roads. *complains*


  3. Sounds like you're working things out in a positive way. Good for you!

    I find it really hard not to MMO-hop myself because there always seems to be something exciting to explore in the next game. I want to see it all!

    I've never heard of a “pink blogger” before, but I'm certainly not one either! I think you look great when you're keeping it real! *thumbs up*


  4. Thank you 🙂 I guess there is a LOT of us mmo jumpers out there heh. Guess it's the new norm.

    A pink blogger is how I have understood it, a person who blog about fashion, clothes, takes tons of pictures and photoshop them a lot, having the perfect home, life or whatever. Mostly teens though some grownups get stuck in that kind of blogging too.


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