A breath of fresh air!

Today we decided to take a walk out in the forest. Eirik always asks me if I want to join him and Nemo out for a walk, let’s just say I don’t always say yes. I am lazy, but when I first have gotten my winterclothes on I don’t regret joining. It’s just that stage where you decide if you’re going to bother or not that often hinders me:P Might sound silly but ey.

So when I go for walks in the forest, I usually end up sharing some photographs with you. I am sure you guys are starting to get familiar with Β this forest now as I have shared photos from it so many times. But taking pictures makes for a much more enjoyable walk because you stop and look at things, rather then just walking around.

We didn’t take a super long walk today, it was a bit chilly, we took around 5k steps according to our app on our phones πŸ˜› Well Eirik took around 4.500, and I took 5200. The difference is, I am a short person pff..
Picture of Missy's Mojo
Yes we can even take selfies on our walks!
I tried taking some nice pictures of Eirik, but he is always on the move or making strange facial expressions. When I finally nail it, the damn focus is messed up. BLEH! But I quite like this one, even if he doesn’t.
Eirik aka Mork
We saw some fun things while walking around. We actually found mushrooms. I didnt’ know there were shrooms in the forest at this time of year but, there was! A cute little mushroom. We imagined there was a little creature living in there, looking back at us.
Strange little shroom
I took several photos of this shroom, cause it was just so cute. Eirik poked it with his finger and a cloud of dust or gas came out of it, was curious to look at.
Missy's Mojo - a little curious mushroom
Imagine a little creature climbing out of it, staring at you with a little smirk
Nemo loves our walks in the forest, that means he can have as long a leach as he likes, running around sniffing, peeing, poking stuff with his nose and all those sticks to gnaw at! Sometimes he is a bit optimistic when it comes of the sizes of the sticks he wants and today he went for a rather big part of the tree.
Nemo labrador/shar pei mix - Missy's Mojo
Nomnom stick
He really wanted this stick, and unfortunately the picture was blurry, but you can see how eager he is. My cute little baby Nemo.
I want this stick now!
There is many things to enjoy in the forest, but we came to an opening in the forest, out to a field and I decided to try and take a picture that would be more pleasing to the eye. I am no expert at taking photographs as you clearly can see. And I have little to no knowledge about it. But I did take a photo that I really liked. Part snow, part forest and part sky. The snow is so white, if it had not been for the ski prints/tracks in the snow you would hardly see the snow.
Missy's Mojo - Forest and snow
An opening in the forest
We found this hole in a tree, I am not sure, but I think it was made by a woodpecker ? Well, it was interesting for me, so yes I took a photo, you be the judge if it’s a woodpecker or human made. The tree was clearly dying though which is a same.
Woodpecker or man-made ?

Pocahontas tree ?

I am glad I decided to join today. I usually am. When we walk in the forest and I have my camera, it is like we have transported to a different planet. It’s peaceful, the “other” world doesn’t exist. I forget about all the troubles, the noisy digital world, tv, computer and the comfy sofa that is at home. Yes I might have a camera in my hands, but as I said, it helps me really look at the things around me like small shrooms, footprints, smells. And I ask questions non stop, about the things we see around us. I really wish I could become a person who spent more time outside, I think we all do at times, but we forget that feeling we have when outside as soon as we are inside in our comfortable sofa, which is a shame. I think we should all spend more time outside , it can indeed be a magical place if you just use your imagination.
But now it is time for me to enter another type of magical world and that is World Of Warcraft. As I resubbed I have enjoyed my time, unguilded and alone on a small server, doing my own thing at my own pace. We will see how long I last this time ey, one month ?
Did you know, my eyes have slightly different colors ?


8 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air!

  1. Lovely pictures! I love nature. It's the parts where people exist I really don't like.. *shudder* Social anxiety fun times! Also, know this feeling: “It's just that stage where you decide if you're going to bother or not that often hinders me”


  2. Great pics Missy! I didn't know your eyes are different colours and Eirik is rocking that beard. πŸ˜› That forest looks like a great place to explore. Anything potentially dangerous out there other than the snow… and Nemo?


  3. Ill be sure to tell Eirik, he loves his beard πŸ˜› I don't think there is anything that could actually hurt us in the forest, except badgers and moose, but they don't count really. Ice is the most dangerous thing I can think of πŸ˜›


  4. You're a cute couple!

    You know, if you want to try and get out more on these forest walks since you enjoy them, you could make a deal with Eirik. Maybe you can agree that you are allowed to say no two times in a row, but the third time you promise to go? Or 3/4 times, or 4/5, whatever you feel comfortable with.


  5. Thanks you for your suggestion, sounds like a great idea. I will think about it, I know Eirik and my self and we slip up on arrangements like 99% of the time he with his ADD and me with my anxiety, it's hard to make a deal sometimes hehe. But it does not hurt to try, not at all ❀


  6. Oh of course, all you can do is try. If it works, great, if not well then at least you gave it a go. Just as long as it doesn't make things worse, remember there is no pressure. πŸ™‚


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